iXperion CMS Server

Release 1.0 - ...

The Smartsite CMS Server is a rich web-based COM application which provides a web-based environment to Smartsite sites. The content of a site is maintained using the {prodcuctname()} Manager. Because of being a COM application, the CMS Server is a machine-dependant installation - every single server can have only one version of the CMS Server. The Smartsite CMS Server can be hosted under two types of webservers:

  1. Internet Information Server
  2. Smartsite Webserver: SmartServer

The second webserver is only userful in a developing stage and only for one developer at a time. If multiple developers are building a site, it is better to host the site on a development server under IIS. The SmartServer can be used by individual developers when they're creating new COM Components, for example Workflow Actions. Using a local installation of a site, they can easily debug their code while the site is running.


The CMS Server is installed using and executable. This executable copies and registers all the neccessary application files to the correct folders. Most files are copied to the main folder for the application. Some files are copied to the Windows System32 folder.

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%diskdrive%\Program Files\Smartsite Software\Smartsite Six

The registry is used to store some additional Application Settings like CMS Server version, location of the application files, etc. Registry settings are added to the key

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HKLM\Software\Smartsite Software\Smartsite

Installed files

This table gives an overview of all installed files

Filename Location
ARSubclass.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
AtalaImaging.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
ccrpTmr6.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
dsofile.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
fci.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
fdi.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
ftp50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
http50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
HTTPTester.exe %TARGETDIR%\Utils\
ImgX61.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
ipdaem50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
ipdaem61.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
ldap50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
ldapsdk.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
ldapssl.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
mime50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
mscomctl.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
MSFilter.dll %WINSYSDIR%
msvbvm60.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
OLEDBConnBuilder.exe %TARGETDIR%\Utils\
PAsyncThread.exe %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
PControls.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
SixNetwork.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
pop50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
SixCoolSkin.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixForms.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixIIS.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixPageExtensions.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixResFilter.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixWiz.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixAddins.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixBGRender.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixCM.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixCompat.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixCoolBlueSkin.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixCT.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixDmt.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixEditLocally.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixForms.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixImportExport.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixInformation.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixIronSeaSkin.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixItemProperties.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixMacros.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixMgr.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixOutscaling.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixOutscalingII.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixRepository.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixScripting.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSecurity.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSystemPanel.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixTasks.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixThesaurus.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixW3C.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixWebServices.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixWizImpExp.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixWorkflow.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
PSetNTSecurity.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixSoap.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
PSoapClient.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixThreadWorker.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixTools.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixWebObjects.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
RegRemove.exe %TARGETDIR%\Utils\
SixConfig.exe %TARGETDIR%\Smartserver5\
SixSmartAdm.exe %TARGETDIR%\Smartserver5\
SixSmartCab.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SmartCtl.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
SixSmartDlg.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartIISHelper.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartIP.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartScan.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartServer.exe %TARGETDIR%\Smartserver5\
SixSmartsite.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartSiteEventLog.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixSmartsiteSecurityWizard.exe %TARGETDIR%\Utils\
SixSmartSOAP.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartSys.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixSmartThreads.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartUI.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartWinSecurity.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixSmartWorkflow.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SixPortalIntegrator.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
Smartsite.InteropServicesClient.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
SmartZIP.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
smtp50.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
smtp61.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
mime61.ocx %WINSYS32DIR%
SSubTmr6.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
SixSWE.dll %TARGETDIR%\System Files\
sx32w.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
ZmartUnZiph.dll %WINSYS32DIR%
ZmartZiph.dll %WINSYS32DIR%