Active Directory Tester

Release 1.3 - ...

The Active Directory Tester is a tool which can be used to test the Active Directory membership provider configuration.

By clicking the open button, you can select the appropriate web.config and this tool then reads all the configuration from the selected web.config.

Using the Test Connection and Get User buttons, you can test the connection and retrieve users from Active Directory, so you can validate the various configuration settings.

1.4 build 3

The version included within 1.4 build 3 (see screen-shot below) has several improvements.

Active Directory Tester

 This includes:

  • It now also supports "native" LDAP connections.
  • It detects when there are multiple membership providers configured within the selected web.config, and lets you choose for which provider the configuration should be loaded (see screen-shot below).

Active Directory Tester - Select Provider