Smartsite 7.9 - ...

The installer (a person) performs installation of Enterprise Search components.


The following components need to be installed for Enterprise Search.

  • Elastic Search. Elastic Search implements document indexing and performs document search queries. Elastic Search builds on the Lucene search engine. Lucene is part of the Elastic Search deployment and does not require a separate installation.
  • Smartsite Manager. This is part of a regular Smartsite installation. The manager includes logic to obtain documents from various sources, to prepare documents for search, and to stream these documents to Elastic Search.
  • Tika. Tika extracts text and metadata from document files. The Smartsite manager uses Tika to read the document file and to produce an ES document for search.
  • Kibana. Kibana is used to configure security when using a multitenant Elastic Search cluster. Kibana can also be used for other purposes, one being to perform json queries on Elastic Search.
  • Search applications. A search application accepts user input for a search, builds a search query, performs the search using Elastic Search, and presents the results.


Components can be installed on various servers:

  • Elastic Search: typically on a cluster of servers, for example three servers.
  • Smartsite Manager: typically on a webserver that also runs the additional Smartsite capabilities of a content management system and a web site.
  • Tika: on one distinct server or added to one of the other servers.
  • Kibana: added to one of the Elastic Search servers.
  • Search applications: as appropriate, on the Smartsite server and on other servers.

Currently tested servers for Tika and Elastic Search include 64-bits versions of the operating systems listed below. 32-bits is untested.

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 10


Presented below is the version overview, from new to old.




and Lucene










2022-06-16  18.36  7.17.3 / 8.11.1 12.1 8.0  7.17.3 2.6.0 2.24 - 7.83.1
2021-04-19  15.0.1  7.10.2 / 8.7.0 7.11 7.11 b4 7.10.2 1.25 2.24 - 7.75.0
2021-02-09  8.172  6.1.3 / 7.1.0 7.11 7.11 b3 6.1.3 1.18 2.24 1.16.16 7.58
2019-11-04  8.172  6.1.3 / 7.1.0 7.10 7.10 b5 6.1.3 1.18 2.24 1.16.16 7.58
2018-07-18  8.172  6.1.3 / 7.1.0 7.9 7.9 b2 6.1.3 1.18 2.24 1.16.16 7.58
2018-04-25  8.161  6.1.3 / 7.1.0 7.9 7.9 b1 6.1.3 1.17 2.24 1.16.16 7.58

Notes regarding the 2022-06-16 release:

  • The Java runtime for Elastic Search is now the open JDK 18.36 version as bundled with Elastic Search.
  • The release cycle of Enterprise Search and Smartsite are now independent. Version 7.11 b4 of Smartsite was also the version of Enterprise Search. Version 12.1 of Enterprise Search requires Smartsite 8.0 or later.
  • The Java runtime for Kibana is the one as used for Elastic Search.
  • The Java runtime for Tika is the one as used for Elastic Search. The former version was the open JDK 18.0.1 as made available by Oracle Corporation.
  • ReadonlyRest is no longer used. Security now makes use of x-pack as bundled with Elastic Search.