Edit Item read-only mode

Smartsite 7.11 - ...

As of Smartsite 7.11, the Edit Item action has a read-only mode.

When using the read-only mode, the item will not be locked for other users. But you still are able to see the complete set of fields and their values, and you can also Preview the item.

The Edit Item action is started in read-only mode by holding down the Ctrl-button while clicking the Edit button. This works from the Content tree and the Content related libraries, as well as from the recent edits widget on the dashboard.

Edit (read-only) button

As an alternative, there's a separate button available for starting the Edit Item action using read-only mode.

To show this button, you need to edit the action mgr-EDITITEM_READONLY and assign the role(s) for which you want this button to be shown.

When enabled, an Edit (read-only) button will also appear within the content-related libraries as well as within the Item Details action.