Install & Config

Smartsite 7 - ...

Smartsite needs in fact two installations. First, the Smartsite .NET assemblies are installed using the publication update setup to be able to run the front-end of the site (the Publication Engine). Second, Smartsite Six manager must be installed using the CMS Setup to run the back-end of the site (Manager access).


The front-end will use the Smartsite Publication Engine to render items, etc. The .NET assemblies are automatically installed to the bin folder within the www folder.


The back-end (access to the manager) runs on Smartsite Six. This specific version contains the same set of dll's as Smartsite 5.3 does, however all prog-id's have been adjusted to be able to run Smartsite 5.3 and Smartsite in side-by-side mode.

Also, the code of Smartsite Six has been adjusted, e.g. the built-in render engine of Smartsite Six will execute a (WCF) service request to the Smartsite Publication Engine to render items, since Smartsite Six knows nothing about the new macro syntax.


Outscaling is automatically configured on the back-end instance, to be able to synchronize state information from the back-end to the front-end. See the article Outscaling configuration for more information.