.net assemblies

Smartsite 7.10 - ...


Search can be implemented in .net: in the Smartsite manager, in an MVC application, in a website using Razor in the Smartsite render engine, in an IIS API, and more. A .net implementation requires a set of .net assemblies, compile time and run time.


The following assemblies are required at least. Addition assemblies are required depending on the application. 

Assembly Purpose
Smartsite.EnterpriseSearch.Search.dll Contains the .net (C#) classes to specify a search query and perform the search, and contains the classes that represent the search result. The assembly is available for .net 4.8 and .net 6.0.
Smartsite.EnterpriseSearch.Base.dll Contains support for the above Search assembly and for other search related assemblies such as Smartsite.EnterpriseSearch.Provider.dll which contains providers that obtain documents from various sources. Note that provider assemblies are not required for the search implementations. This assembly is available for .net 4.8 and .net 6.0.
Smartsite.Base.dll Contains Smartsite-general support. This assembly is available for .net 4.8.
Seneca.Base Contains Seneca-general support. This assembly is available for .net 4.8 and .net 6.0.
Newtonsoft.Json.dll and System.Text.Json.dll Assemblies used to exchange .json with Elastic Search.

Assemblies must be signed. The set of signed assemblies can be obtained from the installation media.