XForms Extensibility and Integration

Release 2.0 - ...

The Smartsite XForms Engine has extensibility written all over it. Nearly every aspect of the system can be subclassed, extended, configured or bypassed:

  • XForms data
    • In Smartsite, XForms data can be generated using SXML in any way XML can be generated.
  • Rendering
    • Custom controls can be added using the appearance attribute, or enriched using jQuery plugins.
    • Beside the built-in Render Devices, you can write your own. 
  • XPath extensility
    • XPath extensions can be added to import function libraries. In Smartsite iXperion, you can use translations and Vipers directly.
  • Storage
    • Loading and saving data from running XForms documents, as well as storage of XForms session data can be fully subclassed.