SetSiteSecurity (available since 1.2) is a new tool that helps you configure the security settings on your server.

When you install Smartsite for the first time on a server, your website usually uses several different NT users. You have the identity of your IIS Application Pool (Network Service on IIS 6 and 7 and the Application Pool User on IIS 7.5) and if you use impersonation, you'll also have at least two Windows users defined in you Smartsite.Security.config file. An extra user is used when you are using the TestSuite, namely your NT account. All these users must have read access to some folders and read/write access to other folders. The same goes for access to some registry keys and the Http Namespace security. SetSiteSecurity will help you set the right access level for each folder and each NT user.

SetSiteSecurity is deployed together with the ConfigEditor. SetSiteSecurity can be started from the ConfigEditor but it also has its own icon in the Windows Start menu.