Creating custom actions

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Most actions within the Smartsite 7 Manager are DataEditor actions: they show a library with records and when selecting a record, you can edit or delete this record. Usually, the button bar at the top also provides an Add button to add a record, besides a number of other buttons/actions.

So, when you need to create a custom action which lists the records from a specific database table and you want to add, edit and/or delete records from this table, you should create a (custom) DataEditor action.

The best way to start off is to open the DataEditors library within the System menu and click the Generate DataEditor button.
A wizard will help you create an initial version of your custom DataEditor action.

Script action

Another way of creating custom actions is by means of adding a script action and use its parameters to specify an url, which will be opened in a new tab within the Smartsite 7 Manager or in a new browser tab. The url can e.g. point to an application page, which contains SXML and/or Razor translations.

Embed Page action

Application pages can also be embedded using the Embed Page action.

Inherit from BaseAction

You can also create your own action, inheriting from BaseAction. Just build your own html result and let it render within a new manager tab.

Inherit from DataEditor

Creating an action which directly inherits from the abstract base class DataEditor, gives you the opportunity to build a DataEditor-like action without the library but using the same concepts.