Document fields

Smartsite 7.9 - ...

Standard and extra ES document fields

An Enterprise Search document consists of:

  • standard fields such as title and number,
  • extra fields for fields not covered by the standard fields, for example a category or a status.

Standard fields in turn consist of:

  • doc fields such as doc_title and doc_authors for fields that pertain to the document
  • system fields such as system_number and system_location, added by the system for document registration and processing.

Extra fields use the prefix extra_. Extra fields may originate from:

  • providers: a provider may add provider specific fields, for example fields added by the Smartsite provider include fieldĀ extra_sms_contenttype_code.
  • the search application: it may define extra fields at silo level, for example the above category or status as extra_category or extra_status respectively.


The set of document fields plays a role in the entire search solution.

  • A provider obtains document content and document metadata from a source, and populates the fields of an ES document.
  • An indexer sends the document to the Elastic Search index, according to a per field mapping specification. The mapping for example specifies that a field is a text requiring language specific analysis, or a keyword to be used as is.
  • A search is performed in specific fields of documents. The searched fields or other fields are used for facetting.