Upgrading Smartsite 7 to Smartsite 8

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The upgrade of Smartsite 7 to Smartsite 8 includes an upgrade of Enterprise Search from ES 7.x to ES 12.1. The Enterprise Search upgrade typically includes securing the Elastic Search cluster, requires configuration changes listed in the checklist below.


Smartsite manager Web.config:

  • Existing app setting enterprisesearch.elastic.endpoint may require a value such as https://host-123.example.com:9200. A previous protocol http may require changing to https if the cluster is secured as part of multi-tenant use. Also if an IP address was used it may require changing to a host name, allowing to use the host name in certificates used for secure communication with the cluster.
  • Multitenant use requires three new settings:
    • enterprisesearch.elastic.tenant: a tenant prefix like demo. Enterprise Search will use this as prefix for all indices in Elastic Search, for example demo-intranet and demo-internetsite, as part of security per tenant.
    • enterprisesearch.elastic.username: the user name for the tenant, for example demo-user.
    • enterprisesearch.elastic.password: the password for this user.

Smartsite manager web server:

  • The web server that runs the Smartsite manager requires installation of a Certificate Authority CA in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store, for example installation of certificate elastic-stack-ca.p12. This causes the Smartsite manager to trust the certificate presented as part of https communication with the Elastic Search cluster.

Enterprise Search in the Smartsite Manager:

  • Moving from a previous node or cluster that was not secured to a cluster that is secured is typically a move to a new cluster. The new cluster will not contain the indices present in the former cluster. Use the Smartsite Manager to recreate and populate the indices:
    • Stop indexing
    • Create the index
    • Start indexing

Publication engine Web.config:

  • Adjust existing enterprisesearch.elastic.endpoint.
  • Add settings tenant, username and password, as above.