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iXperion supports the use of multiple languages and is capable of translating resources for specific cultures. Localization is supported on various levels in iXperion. The Locale macro forms an important part of the iXperion localization framework. The macro implements  features such as outputting number, datetime and other pieces of information in the correct format for a specific culture.

The localization features of iXperion are based on the .NET localization features. Whenever a formatting pattern needs to be specified, use the .NET patterns. Culture settings on the Locale macro are customizable in the smartsite.config configuration file. The localization section allows for overriding various datetime and number formatting patterns.

Culture settings are not dependent on a user regional settings (ie. the settings applied using the Control Panel > Regional Settings and Language options). If you want to override the default localization settings for a culture, you need to modify the smartsite.config.