ImageProperties Example

The imageproperties macro is used to extract image information from one or many images. This example lists all properties of the specified smartsite logo using the default imageproperties formatting.

Smartsite SXML CopyCode image Copy Code
<se:imageproperties location='SMARTSITELOGO' />
Example Result CopyCode image Copy Code
    <dt>thumbnail: <img src="/;hid=img;w=128" alt="Smartsite Logo Transparent" /></dt>
    <dd>filename: Smartsite Logo Transparent</dd>
    <dd>path: </dd>
    <dd>location: /</dd>
    <dd>filesize: 5885</dd>
    <dd>filesize in Kb: 5.75 kB</dd>
    <dd>filetype: png</dd>
    <dd>width: 166</dd>
    <dd>height: 56</dd>
    <dd>color depth: 32</dd>
    <dd>frames: 1</dd>
    <dd>resolution unit: DotsPerInch</dd>
    <dd>horizontal resolution: 0</dd>
    <dd>vertical resolution: 0</dd>