Sets the Viper expression to evaluate before actually executing the macro.
If the expression returns false, the execution of the module and its child modules is skipped.


Used in

Macro Description
DigiDLogin Login macro for DigiD.
SyncFileLinks This macro generates an import xml file which, after imported, will mirror the filesystem. The import xml contains items of contenttype FileLink and a contenttype of your choosing (defaults to CMS Folder) representing the folders on disc, as well as delete instructions for items which do not have a corresponding file or folder on disc anymore. Required input parameters: location of the files (folder on disc) which should be mirrored, an itemnumber of the root item which should act as mirror of the filesystem and a filename (relative path) where the import xml file should be saved to.
FacetedSearchPrepareInputData Prepares an SXMLDatatable object, based on the input parameters, which should be used as input for the FacetedSearchQueryBuilder macro.
FacetedSearchPrepareInputData20 Prepares an SXMLDatatable object, based on the input parameters, which should be used as input for the FacetedSearchQueryBuilder macro.
FacetedSearchQueryBuilder Builds an SQL query for Faceted Search.
FacetedSearchQueryBuilder20 Builds an SQL query for Faceted Search.
Image Renders an HTML image tag including ImageProcessor parameters.Renders an HTML image tag including ImageProcessor parameters.
ImageProperties Displays the image properties of one or more images.
SmiData Macro that can be used to retrieve report data from SMI. This macro returns a DataTable with the requested information.
Payment This module allows integration of Ogone e-Commerce in a Smartsite iXperion site.
StandardsCompliance Viper methods for parsing html and making it compliant to W3C standards
SetFileProperties Adds custom properties to a file on disk
References Renders items in order to collect AIM references.
AIM AIM Rendering macro
AIMScan AIM scanning macro. Scans itemdata for references
Application Asp.Net application macro. Used to incorporate ASP.NET applications.
Binary Returns binary data from images or word documents.
Buffer Macro used to store or retrieve buffers.
Cache Cache macro. Used to cache blocks of SXML.
The cache key is auto-generated based on the SXML in the Xml (default) parameter.
CacheFile Implements file based caching on the given page output.
Chart Creates a chart using the data given by the inputdata parameter and the defined formatting rules.
CmsAddItem Adds a new allocated item to the specified parent, optionally using the specified XmlData, and returns the item number.
CmsItemData Library methods for retrieving the current Cms item's properties.
CmsLoadData Loads data based on the specified metatype xml.
CmsLoadItem Loads an Cms Item and returns it as Xml.
CmsSaveData Saves the data based on the specified metatype xml.
CmsSaveItem Saves an Cms item. Returns true when the item has been saved successfully.
CmsUpdate Saves items into to the CMS.
CmsSettings This macro can be used to construct a settings object for various other cms-related macros, such as se:cmssaveitem and se:cmsloaditem. The result of this macro is XmlData (serialized version of the settings object), and this result should be passed to the settings parameter of the appropriate macro.
Code Represents source code that will be compiled and executed using the CodeDom. The first class deriving from Module.
DoWhile Executes statements while the given expression evaluates to true.
The expression is tested at the end of each loop.
Embed Renders items and includes the result data.
EmbedPreview Preview existing items.
EmbedUri Retrieves data from internet locations.
Expression Returns the result of the given expression.
FilterByHierarchy Filters content by using the Cms hierarchy.
Filter Filters and sorts records from the InputData reader.
For Executes statements a given number of times.
Format Formats the given datatable.
Hidden Executes statements but suppresses any direct output.
Used to contain bulk statements that create or manipulate state or otherwise don't return any string results.
HtmlPage Html container macro that helps you setting the doctype and the encoding of the document.
If Forks the execution to one of 2 child nodes.
ImageFromHtml Creates an image from the specified web page.
Impersonate Impersonation macro. Executes the embedded Sxml under the credentials of the specified user.
ItemData Library methods for retrieving the current Cms item's properties.
Join Joins two DataTables into one.
Json The JSON macro can parse a JSON string. It exposes properties to query the resulting object and methods to modify it.
Link Creates a link to an item if it exists, or just returns the text of the link if the item does not exist.
Locale Class with Localization Viper methods.
Login Secure login to the Membership Provider.
Lorem Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Metadata Provides metadata that can be included in an HTML page and forwarded to external components such as the PDF generator and Image Processor.
Dir Returns the directory listing of a specified path.
NoAIM Provides a way to skip AIM scanning for anything contained within this macro.
PageTranslations Facilitates the creation of page-local translations that expose functionality during the rendering of a page.
Paging Paging macro. Holds state for paging through large datasets.
Can be used in combination with existing datatables to page through large datasets.
Use in combination with macros/vipers that return datatables.
Parents Shows links to parent pages.
PdfDocument Creates PDF documents from HTML sources.
PlaceHolder Represents a datatable that can be accessed from other elements while in scope, then formatted and rendered when going out of scope.
PlaceholderData Represents data to add to a given placeholder.
Region The region macro declares a scope for SXML execution and allows for external rendering in ASP.NET.
Rem Serverside comment module. All data within rem tags is ignored by the parser, and removed from the output.
Replace Replaces strings in the contained data.
RSS Creates an RSS feed based on the items under the given parent.
ScheduledJob Starts a ScheduledJob.
SendMail Sends SMTP mail messages.
ShoppingCart Shopping Cart Macro.
Siblings Siblings module allows navigating through a data set by displaying links to first, previous, next and last records.
SiteMap Displays the site hierarchy inside a specified folder.
Sort Sorts the output of the given data.
SqlQuery Executes sql queries/statements and shows the results.
Statistics The Statistics class can be used to retrieve page request information for the given items and displays it.
Switch Forks the execution to one or more matching cases.
Text Acts as container macro.
Used to conditionally execute statements (using the condition parameter) or to store data in savebuffers for later use.
TranslationContext Sets a context for translations to execute in.
ViewHierarchy Displays a hierarchy based on a data table.
ViewSource Outputs encoded SXML Source.
When recurse is set to false, the input data is shown. Otherwise, the result is encoded.
Webservice Macro to execute a webservice request and embed the result in a page.
Note that this macro will by default return an XmlReader object as result.
While Executes statements while the given expression evaluates to true.
The expression is tested at the beginning of each loop.
XHtmlPage Xhtml container macro that helps you setting the doctype, the xml declaration and the encoding of the document.
XLinks Shows links to other pages in the site.
XmlDataTable Module that creates a DataTable from an xml document
XmlProcessor Native Xml data Macro.
Transform Module that performs xslt transformation on xml input.
Smartlet The Smartlet macro is uniquely used in Smartlet (SML) translations, and provides an environment to build so called 'Smartlets', Ajax-enabled web page components.
The Smartlet macro is used to create a public interface for state to travel between server and client,
and to handle the dual rendering (translation phase, ajax callback phase).
SmartletBox Smartlet html output wrapper macro. Outputs a DIV outer element, or wraps the output in a fully stylable glossy box using the createsmartletbox() translation.
SmartletEditor Edits a Smartlet.
SmartletNoScript Intelligent NoScript handling for Smartlets.
SmartletPreset The SmartletPreset macro can be used inside the Smartlet Preset contenttype to create presets for smartlets.
Scf Smartsite Client Framework macro. Used to fire up the Javascript client library.
SearchEngineSitemap The SearchEngineSitemap class generates sitemap files that are used by search engines to spider the website.
GoogleWebmasterTools The GoogleWebmasterTools macro connects with Google and retrieves an xml from a Google Webmaster Tools account containing data about sites available to the account.
Calendar Smartsite Web Toolkit Calendar module.
FeedReader FeedReader macro. Reads RSS from the given location and converts it into a hierarchical SXML DataTable for formatting.
ItemComments View and modify item comments.
Poll Smartsite Web Toolkit Polling Module
Tags Renders server/user Tags.

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