Edit Profile

Smartsite 7.1 - ...

With this action an user can edit his/her own profile. 


Additional fields

As of Smartsite 7.10, additional fields have been added to this action, organized over three tabs.


The Personalia tab contains input fields for first name, last name, street name, zip code, etc.

The mobile phonenumber is particularly of interest when two-factor authentication has been enabled and the provider is set to sms.
In that case, users need (to be able) to specify a mobile phonenumber where the sms should be send.


This tab contains input fields for various social media sites.


The Business tab contains business related input fields, such as company (name), department, function name, etc.

Action parameter(s)

This action supports one (optional) action parameter: ReadOnlyFields.

With this action parameter, one or more fields can be set to read-only, in case users shouldn't be able to change these (because the fields are prefilled from Active Directory for example).
Example: ReadOnlyFields = "company, organisation, department, team, function"

The field(name)s contained within this action are:

  • fullname
  • email
  • firstname
  • familyname
  • familyinfixname
  • address
  • postalcode
  • city
  • country
  • dateofbirth
  • gender
  • linkedinprofile
  • twitterprofile
  • instagramprofile
  • facebookprofile
  • phonemobile
  • phonehome
  • phonework
  • company
  • organisation
  • department
  • team
  • function