Smartsite 7.7 - ...

This menu contains system actions which are intended for Site adminsitrators.

Actions included are:

  • Management information
    Action which shows Smartsite Management Information (SMI) reports.
  • Configuration Editor
    Wraps many configuration options, in an annotated manager action for easy access and to avoid misconfiguration.
  • Google Pagespeed
    Analyze and optimize your website with Pagespeed tools, provided by Google.
  • AIM status
    AIM status overview
  • Query database
    Action to execute queries against the database.
  • Reload site
    Action to reload the site (the publication server) and/or the manager.
  • Publication server status
    Shows the publication server status.
  • Migration
    Performs an analysis on your site to test if the content types are compatible with Smartsite 7.
  • Data Editors
    Library action which contains the (custom) Data Editors.
  • Log messages
    Shows the log messages.