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The bekendmakingen provider supports to use the Dutch officiële bekendmakingen (announcement) as a source of Enterprise Search documents. Types of announcements include:

  • Gemeenteblad
  • Staatscourant
  • Kamerstuk
  • Waterschapsblad
  • Provinciaal blad

and about 15 additional types. One announcement results in one ES document.

Information flow

  • Organizations (gemeente, waterschap...) publish their announcements to a central store
  • The central store can be searched, through This function is not used by Enterprise Search.
  • The central store is made available for retrieval, through Enterprise Search includes a collector that retrieves all announcements of all organizations, and stores the information in a local database. The information stored for an announcement consists of the text and metadata of the announcement.
  • The ES provider described here obtains the announcements from the local database. The configuration of the provder specifies the publishing organization(s) of interest.
  • The ES provider uses each announcement to create an ES document, and adds the ES document to Elastic Search for indexing and for search. This supports an integrated search in announcements and other sources of ES documents, such as the content management system or external websites.
  • A user performs a search. Amongst the search results there will be announcements. Following the announcement hyperlink leads to a page of the central store That page offers links to the original announcement documents, for example a link to the original pdf.


Common configuration

Part of the configuration is common to all sources. Refer to All providers.

Local database

The provider uses a fixed database connection name OfficieleBekendmakingen. Database connection strings are maintained in configuration file Smartsite.Data.config, which resides on the webserver that runs the Smartsite manager.

Start date

Select the start date for announcements. Announcements are retrieved from the local database. This database is populated using a start date also. The start date configured in the provider should be equal to- or later than the start date used for the local database.

Publishing organization

Specify the publishing organization(s), for example Amsterdam or Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken or Waterschap Brabantse Delta. The administrator of the local database has a database query at hand to obtain all 3000+ publishing organizations.

Publishing organization metadata

Publications have associated metadata. Identify the metadata keys that specifies the publishing organization, for example:

  • OVERHEID.Gemeente:DCTERMS.publisher
  • OVERHEID.Gemeente:DC.creator
  • OVERHEID.Gemeente:OVERHEID.authority
  • :OVERHEIDop.woonplaats

For example a publication is found if the publisher is Amsterdam or if the publication applies to woonplaats Amsterdam.

Publishing organization OWMS metadata

Publications have - in addition to the above metadata - metadata according to the Web Metadata Standaard (OWMS). The same metadata values typically occur both as metadata and as OWMS metadata. Identify the OWMS metadata keys that specifies the publishing organization, for example:


It is possible to use either set of metadata, or both. In order to select publications at least one key must be specified, metadata or OWMS metadata.