Faceted Search Console

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The Faceted Search Console gives an overview of the Faceted Search configuration, the top 10 search terms, and lets you manage the search groups, field filters, weights, etcetera.

Notice that this action is only intended for sites which have an active Faceted Search configuration in place.
For new sites / search implementations, Enterprise Search is the better choice.

Faceted Search Console

This is the entry point for Faceted Search. It contains buttons to open libraries to manage/configure Search groups, Contenttype and field-weights Field filters.

Libraries for displaying the search history, search term history and the stopwords list are included as well.


Search Groups

The Search Groups button opens the Search Groups library.

Here you can manage the search groups. The Matrix button will show an matrix for the selected search group, a visual representation of the contenttype fields included within the search group and the field filter setting for these fields.


The Weights button will open the library containing the field/contentype weights.

Field filters

The field filters library can be accessed clicking the Field Filters button.