Release Notes for 7.11 (build 3)

Smartsite 7.11 - ...

Release date : February 9, 2021


Important Note!

  • If you upgrade from Smartsite 7.1 or earlier, you must get a new license file from Seneca if you are currently using Hasp!
  • Before you upgrade to Smartsite 7.4, you must convert your database to use nvarchar instead of varchar. Scripts are provided to perform this conversion, but it may take some time to convert the database and it may involve some manual steps. We recommend that you test this step in a test environment before applying it in production.
  • Before you upgrade from Smartsite 7.4 or earlier, you must install .Net 4.5.2 on your server. We highly recommend that you install .Net 4.6.1 or later.

Fixes build 3

  • Due to a change in the workflow handling, scheduled activation for content items didn't function properly anymore. This has been fixed.
  • The same applies for the bulk update (content items) action. This has been fixed as well.
  • Editing an Asset Item did cause an exception "Value can not be null. Parameter name: wwwPath".
  • The Web crawler of the Enterprise Search provider has been optimized to limit the number of TCP connections.

Main features

  • Manager actions
    • Group membership management has become an seperate action, using an adjusted version of the User Library. This way, it can cope with large numbers of users.
      For more information: Beheer leden (article is in Dutch).
    • The (manage) Content Types action now features import and export actions.
    • Details in the library have been changed. A selection list is now always displayed, with brief information for each selected item, and the full details of the last item selected are displayed.
    • The DataEditor framework now also supports other databases and tables from specific database schemas.
    • Query database now includes an export option, which exports the query result to Excel.
    • The selected Page size within the libraries is now persisted in the User profile.
    • Friendly Names Console action added.
    • The AIM Rescan action now also offer the option to rescan items with status 'Error' only.
    • Most Details action have been updated, to provide a more consistent presentation.
    • Edit Item read-only option added.
    • Scheduled version indicator and information message
    • Edit Item workflow: when saving an item as Ready for approval you can now also assign a specific user.
    • Improved file upload and asset creation integration in the media library.
    • Password recovery from the login page.

  • Miscellaneous
    • Preview within Edit Item fixed when using ADFS login.
    • The response.setcookie() viper now also includes an overload to set the domain for a cookie.
    • The Smartiste 7.11 setup creates a default file type security configuration, if no configuration is present in the database.
      All roles except visitor and guest get access to most common image and document types; administrator gets access to all file types.

  • Publication
    • The Smartsite Client Framework (Scf) has been upgraded to the current jQuery version 3.5.1.
      The new version is deployed in a new folder Scf3, which is now the default TargetFolder of the SCF macro. The target folder can be set in both the macro call and the smartsite.config. These settings will not be updated automatically by the Smartsite 7.11 setup.
    • Links to reference items are now rendered as links to the referenced URL directly in the page. In earlier versions the link would point to the reference item, which would then redirect the browser to the actual URL.