Dashboard intro

The Smartsite 7.5 manager presents the user an app-like interface which is the start for editing items. It is a tabbed interface where multiple actions can be open at the same time and the user can switch easily between them. The interface has a response design which makes it suitable for working on both tablets and desktop pc's. The Smartsite 7 manager is fully localized in English and DutchHome

Below you a screenshot of the dashboard after you logged in.

Blocks  Description
1 This is the Content tree.
2 This is the App section.

Here you can find your profile information, switch from roles and logout.

4 Here you can see the last logins.
5 Here you see the recent edited contents.
6 This is the Twitter section, here you can see all the Tweets with a certain hashtag.
7 This is the news feed(RSS)
8 Here you can find all the notifications and messages.