RSS v1

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Example content

Example content of an RSS feed v1:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <channel rdf:about="">
    <item rdf:about="">
        <title>[full-time] Release Manager IT - SAP bij/via Action</title>
        <dc:date>2018-02-15 16:43:56</dc:date>
    <item rdf:about="">
        <title>[full-time] Software Tester bij/via Centric</title>
        <dc:date>2017-12-22 08:16:05</dc:date>

Xml specification

The RSS feed provider ignores the Resource Description Framework (RDF) parts of the feed.

It requires the default namespace definition xmlns="".

It ignores the channel element.

It processes item elements and child elements of item elements:

  • The link element, to address the resource.
  • The dc:date element, to detect that reindexing is required.

It ignores other child elements of item elements.