Ogone Payment Module

The Ogone Payment Smartlet allows you to integrate the online checkout features of Ogone.com in your site.

Configuration of the payment process involves many factors. An account must be registered and configured with Ogone.com, a checkout has to be configured in the Smartsite.Ogone.config file, possibly database connections have to be added to Smartsite.Data.config and Smartsite.Security.config and the Payment Smartlet has to be implemented. The payment procedure will probably have to be integrated in some kind of work flow process that will tally up the cost of requested goods or services, initiate the payment and send out the products or render the services after payment is complete.

The example included with the smartlet deals with a donation, because of its simple workflow:

  1. User enters an amount to donate
  2. User is requested to pay said amount
  3. User receives a thank you note

The example uses the Ogone Simulator.


The Smartsite.Ogone.config file (placed in the site root directory) contains checkout definitions. An example of the config file is listed below.

XML CopyCode image Copy Code
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  xsi:schemaLocation="http://schemas.microsoft.com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0 System/Schemas/Configuration/smartsite.data.config.xsd" 
   <checkout name="simulation">

Path Description
checkout@name Identifier for this checkout
checkout/checkouturl Link to the payment processor. For Ogone test accounts this would be https://secure.ogone.com/ncol/test/orderstandard.asp and for Ogone productin accounts: https://secure.ogone.com/ncol/prod/orderstandard.asp
checkout/merchantid The PSPID of your account with Ogone
checkout/databaseconnection Connection id of the database where payment orders are stored. Should be defined in Smartsite.Data.config and assigned to the appropriate users in Smartsite.Security.config.
Leave empty or ommit to use the site database.
checkout/signatures This element contains the passphrases that are used to verify data passed between servers. The signatures element can be encrypted using the ConfigProtect.exe tool.
checkout/signatures/shainpassphrase Passphrase for the data sent to Ogone.com.
checkout/signatures/shaoutpassphrase Passphrase for the data returned by Ogone.com.

Determines how Ogone calculates signatures. Possible values are:

  • legacy. Legacy mode uses only the main payment parameters and always hashes with SHA-1.

The following signature modes use all payment parameters and use the hashing algorithm implied by the name:

  • sha1
  • sha256
  • sha512
checkout/templateurl Link to the Ogone template page.
checkout/redirecturl Link to the page the user will be shown after the payment process.

Smartlet Parameters

The table below gives an overview of the available parameters for the Ogone Payment Smartlet.

Name Type Default Description
iscallbacklanding boolean false Set to true to handle callback data and redirection on the Ogone server to server callback landing page.
checkout string None The name of the Smartsite checkout (as defined in Smartsite.Ogone.config) to use.
amount float 0 The amount due.
orderid string None The id for this payment order.
serial int None The serial for this payment order (multiple tries may be needed before payment is successful). The smartlet automatically increases the serial, the property is only relevant in the callback situation
currency string EUR ISO 4217 currency code
customername* string None Customer's name
customeremail* string None Customer's email address
customeraddress* string None Customer's postal address
customerzipcode* string None Customer's zip code
customertown* string None Customer's place of residence
customercountry* string None Customer's country
customerphone* string None Customer's phone number
extradata string None Extra data is a freely defined string that will be passed to (and logged by) Ogone. This can be useful in tracking or referencing payments.
submitcaption string Go to checkout The caption of the submit button
catalogurl string browse start page A link to the start page of your web shop (or similar)
homeurl string browse start page A link to your home page

* Customer fields are optional, but may be useful for identifying fraud.