A good web site will remember me. Perhaps the site will remember my favorite color scheme, or my preferred shipping address. Either way, if a site makes me feel like I’m not just another IP address on the web, I’m more likely to return in the future. Adding a personal touch for your end-users can make a difference.

(Scott Allen)

Smartsite iXperion provides a personalization system that allows you to store personalized settings in a flexible and dynamic data model.


At the SXML level, personalization is presented as a set of easy-to-use Vipers.

Smartlet Integration

Personalization has also been implemented in the Smartlet Architecture: Smartlet properties can now be persisted in the user profile by setting the personalizable flag to true:

Smartsite SXML CopyCode image Copy Code
<se:parameter name="properties">
      <se:member name="shown" type="integer" personalizable="true" editable="true"
          callbackaccess="readwrite" clientaccess="readwrite"
          rem="Number of entries shown">6</se:member>

When Smartlet property values are persisted in a user profile, a profile property name is combined using Smartlet name and Property name. In the case shown above. for instance, the property 'shown' of the FeedReader Smartlet is marked as personalizable. The property value will then be persisted in the user profile as shown.sml_feedreader.

To state that a personalized value should only be used by a specific instance of a Smartlet, the named parameter appid can be used in calls to the Smartlet.

Smartsite SXML CopyCode image Copy Code
{sml_feedreader(appid='ixfeed', url='', showdescription=2)}

By using this appid parameter, the property will now be be stored as shown.sml_feedreader.ixfeed.