Run the TestSuite as Publication Server

Release 1.0 - ...

The TestSuite can now be run in two different Server Modes:

  • Start as publication server
  • Start as test server

The Options dialog (Tools/Options) gives you the opportunity to choose between these two modes.

Options dialog

Test server

Starting the TestSuite as test server is similar to how the TestSuite behaved in RC1 and is also the default mode. It will start its own ASP.NET runtime and Http Listener on the configured address (defaults to http://localhost:7812/).

In this mode the TestSuite will also (try to) connect to the Event Subscription Service, if this option has been enabled, using the address as specified within the system.serviceModel/client/endpoint section of the web.config. (If necessary, this address can be overruled using the appSetting EventSubscriptionRemoteAddress within smartsite.config. Keep in mind although that this appSetting will always overrule the address specified within the web.config.)

The Site instance internally created in memory will not start the (WCF) services.

When saving items (add/update/delete) it will use the cms address as configured in the web.config (system.serviceModel/client/endpoint section).

Publication server

When the TestSuite starts in Publication server mode, it will also start its own ASP.NET runtime and Http Listener, however the Http Listener will then use the appSetting ServerAddress as configured within smartsite.config. Notice that the smartsite.config should then specify an address which includes localhost or machinename as ServerAddress.

In this mode, the internal Site instance will start all configured (WCF) services (which is not the case when running in test server mode), but however will not connect to the Event Subscription Service (since it will then connect to its own service).

The cms address that will be used in this case is the TestServerAddress registry value, as specified in the site's registry. This is the same address that will be used by Smartsite iXperion CMS Control Panel (Smartserver).

This way, you can run both the TestSuite (as Publication server) and Smartserver (as CMS server) locally without having conflicting addresses.