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The Usergroups action lets you manage the Usergroups.

Usergroups are used within Smartsite to e.g. set content access security (browse access and manager access). For a specific user, the group membership also determines which contenttypes are available for adding/editing content.

As in any library, you can filter the result using the filters shown on the right and you can change the sort-order by clicking on the column headers. Specify a search term and click the Search button to find a specific usergroup.

To Edit or Duplicate an usergroup, just select it and click the appropriate button. To add an usergroup, click the Add button. Notice that the name and code of an usergroup must be unique.
You can delete one or more usergroups by selecting them and clicking the Delete button. You will be asked for confirmation, before the selected usergroups will be deleted.

The Details button will be availble when you have selected just one usergroup, and it will open a new tab containing extensive information about the selected usergroup.


There are four matrices available to view which users, userroles, contenttypes and user paths are available/selected for each usergroup.

An example of such a matrix is shown below.