Linkinput (fileinput, iteminput, youtubeinput)

Smartsite 7 - ...

The linkinput renders as a text box with 4 buttons

  • Content tree
    To choose an item from the site hierarchy
  • Content
    To find an item in the content library
  • Media
    To choose an image or video from the media library
  • File explorer
    To choose a file from disk

LinkInput control example

Filtering and disabling of specific buttons is not yet supported.

Smartsite 7.4

As of Smartsite 7.4, the linkinput control also includes a YouTube button, which allows the user to select a video using YouTube.

Linkinput including Youtube example

The linkinput control is in fact a base control now for linking content, an image, a file or a YouTube video, which renders as a textbox with a series of buttons.

Which buttons to show can be manipulated using a different control type name:

  • fileinput: only the file explorer button is shown.
  • iteminput: only the item-related buttons (Content tree, Content and Media) are shown (if the user has access to the underlying useraction).
  • youtubeinput: only the YouTube buttons is shown.
  • linkinput: all buttons are shown.


As of Smartsite 7.8, you can set the cms:showbuttons ctfp to specify which buttons should be displayed. The value of this ctfp should list the buttons to show, comma-separated, e.g. "contenttree, contentlibrary".

The available buttons are:

  • contenttree
  • contentlibrary
  • medialibrary
  • fileexplorer
  • youtube

When this ctfp has not been set, which buttons will be shown depends on the control type, as listed above.