List controls

Smartsite 7 - ...

List controls can be explicitly configured using the editProgId property, or implicitely using any of the following ctfps

Name Description
ContentRelation The field defines a relation to another content item or content items
ContentTypeRelation The field defines a relation to a content type or contenttypes
LookupList The field is a choice between a fixed set of options
cms:LookupList Same as above, but defined specifically for Smartsite 7. Use this property if the original LookupList defined for the field does not translate correctly (e.g. if it uses legacy vipers)
Table The field defines a many to many relation with a different table. This property differs from what is used in Smartsite iXperion, which is "TableName"
ForeignKey The field defines a one to many relation with a different table
Thesaurus The field defines a thesaurus relation