Active Integrity Management (AIM)

Release 1.0 - ...

Active Integrity Management (AIM) keeps track of (cross-)references in a site, which is a crucial task for a CMS. It serves three goals:

  • Guaranteeing internal link integrity.
  • Keeping internal state.
  • Providing insight into the site's structure.

AIM is a key player in Smartsite, continuously switching between the roles of policeman, manager and messenger between the Cms and the Publication Server.

Keeping track of cross-references is not a trivial task in a CMS, since most of them are stored in relatively unstructured ways:

  • Html entities, such as image sources, hyperlinks, css url references, etc...
  • Smartsite macros that generate references, such as links, siblings, parents, etc...
  • Viper calls to Translations.

So AIM is a fairly complex system, involving a lot of housekeeping in both CMS and Publication Server.