Licensing - Smartsite SRM

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Smartsite SRM (Software Rights Management) is the licensing implementation introduced in Smartsite iXperion 1.0. It is based on technology from Aladdin: HASP SRM.

Aladdin's HASP SRM solution is built around Features, where each Feature is "an identifiable functionality of a software application that can be independently controlled by a license". Features are bundled to form a Product, "a sellable item that contains one or more Features and/or data defined in memory for secure storage".

License terms are defined for each Feature in a Product:

  • License type: perpetual, number of allowed executions, expiration date or time period.
  • Concurrency: whether or not concurrency should be enabled for a specific feature, and if so, number of allowed concurrent instances (or unlimited) and how each instance should be counted (per process, per station or per login).
  • Accessibility: whether or not Remote Desktop and/or Network access is allowed for a specific Feature.
  • Detachable: determines if the (features in the) product/license is detachable.

Smartsite specific license configuration details are stored in the Smartsite.Licensing.config file, which includes a provisional license as well.

Hasp Runtime

As part of the CMS setup, the Hasp Runtime will be installed. The Hasp Runtime is needed on each machine running Smartsite iXperion and/or on machines where a network license will be installed. When the Hasp Runtime has been installed, the machine's services will include the Hasp License Manager service. This service manages the licenses and is responsible for checking if certain features are licensed or not.

The Admin Control Center is a webinterface to the local running Hasp License Manager. It enables you to manage access to installed products, control detachable licenses, view and control sessions, etc.