Smartsite Client Framework (Scf)

Release 1.1 - ...

The Smartsite Client Framework is the foundation for modern, unobtrusive client development. The client components are implemented as jQuery library extensions.

Scf features

  • Implemented as jQuery extensions.
    No other global namespace or variables are used, thus avoiding conflicts with other libraries.
  • Automatic include merging and minifying.
    Scripts added to specific subfolders and marked as 'Global Include' in the Cms will automatically be merged and minified into a single include.
  • Ideal for use in compliant pages (XHTML strict, WCAG, 'Webrichtlijnen').
    Scf was developed with compliancy in mind
  • Supports Progressive Enhancement scenarios.
    The Scf Behavior system attaches to and enriches standard HTML elements in order to provide a richer user experience. 
  • Support for all major browsers.
    The jQuery abstraction layer provides solid, proven technology for client abstraction, removing the hassle of having to check every DOM manipulation or event handler in the major browsers.

Adding Scf

Scf has a server component, a macro and a number of Viper methods.

The Scf macro is used to instantiate the client framework in a page. It must be added just below the mandatory placeholders:

Smartsite SXML CopyCode image Copy Code
<se:placeholder.cssinclude />
<se:placeholder.css />
<se:placeholder.javascriptinclude />
<se:placeholder.javascriptonload />
<se:placeholder.javascript />
<se:scf />