Advanced Search

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The Advanced Search action provides you with the opportunity to perform an advanced search operation on the contents table.

This action builds a search query, which includes all string fields for each selected contenttype.

Specify one or more search terms and select one or more contenttypes to start searching. Multiple search terms are combined with the AND operator.

The result of the search operation will be shown in a customized content library, which will give access to most common actions, such as Edit, Delete, Details and Manage content access.
The facets are included as well, so you can filter on e.g. last edited by.

You can limit the scope of the search operation as well. Choose the option "Selected items and children" as scope and select one or more items within the Item selection control which is shown when you choose this scope.

Furthermore, you can specify a start date and/or end date for the modification date, whether or not the result should include inactive items, etcetera.