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Media library

The Media Library shows a list of all the images and/or videos, taking content access security into account.


The list of items can be sorted on title, last modified or add date using the dropdown on the top right of the library.


Enter a search term to search for a specific content item. The following fields will be used within the search query: title, description, body, code, author and friendlyname. 
When you enter a number, the search will also include the item number.


The following facets (filters) are available:

  • Last edited by
    Filter the content items on the user who has last edited it.
  • Last edited
    Only show content items which have been updated within a specific period of time (today, yesterday, last week, last month, etcetera). 
  • Content type
    Filter the content items on content type.
  • Status
    Code: STATUS
    Filters the content items on status (active, inactive, archived, etc.).
  • Aspect ratio
    Filters the images on aspect ratio (landscape, square, portrait, etc.)
  • File size
    Code: FILESIZE
    Filters the items on file size (range).
  • Image size
    Filters the images on image size (number of megapixels).

Which facets are shown and the order in which they are shown can be overridden using the action parameter FacetsList specifying the codes of the facets to show in the order you want them to appear.

As of Smartsite 7.8, facets are displayed either expanded or collapsed, which is a (default) setting of each facet.
To customize which facets are displayed expanded (initially) and which are displayed in a collapsed state, you can specify the action parameter ExpandFacets.

Every facet (code) included within this comma-separated list will be displayed expanded, whereas every other facet will be displayed collapsed.

Action Parameters

Name Release From Description
ContentTypes 7.1

Allows you to specify extra content types (a list of contenttype codes, comma-separated), that can be displayed in the Media Library.

These content types can be copies of the content type "Image" or "Reference". Other content types can be specified but will not be properly displayed in the Media library.

ContentTypeFilter 7.1

Allows you to specify which contenttypes should be included within the library.
Contenttypes should be specified by code and must be semicolon separated.

Example: ContentTypeFilter = "IPD;SPD;VAC"

SearchThesTerms 7.7 Boolean indicating whether or not a library search should take the thesaurus terms into account as well. Defaults to false.
FacetsList 7.7 See above.
FacetValues 7.8

Allows you to specify (a) fixed value(s) for one or more facets, to filter the records based on these facets. Each facet specified within this parameter will be set to Hidden, so the user will not be able to undo the filtering.

Notation: FACETCODE=key1[,key2[,...]]. Use ';' as separator when specifying value(s) for multiple facets.

Example: FacetValues = "CONTENTTYPE=REG,RGO;STATUS=0"

ExpandFacets 7.8 See above.
ThesauriFacetsList 7.7

Allows you to specify one or more thesauri codes (comma-separared), for which a Facet filter should be displayed.

Example: ThesauriFacetsList="KWD"

StandardLocation 7.8

Uploads in the media library can be sent to a specified folder using the parameter 'StandardLocation'.
Depending on the configured AddButtonMode (file or item), the StandardLocation should contain either a folder path on disk or the item number of a folder in the content tree.