Image wizard

Smartsite 7.8 - ...

The image wizard allows a user to generate the image processor command string to manipulate an image on the server.

The image wizard action has the following parameters:

Name Example Description
imagelocation 1234 The image item number or code, or the path on disk where the image is located
includelocationinresult false Determines if the wizard returns a complete url, or just the image processor commands.
value hid=img;w=100; An image processor command string to manipulate. Can be used to change a previous wizard result.

The wizard has six or seven steps to get to the desired result:

  1. Choose an image (if no imagelocation was passed)
  2. Preview
  3. Rotate and mirror
  4. Crop
  5. Resize
  6. Colour adjustments
  7. Output filetype

If the action is started in a new tab, the last page shows the resulting image and the corresponding command string (or complete url). In a subaction, the result is returned to the parent action and no result page is shown.

Image wizard pages.png