Upgrading Smi 2.x

Release 1.4 - ...

Upgrading Smi 2.x to a new version requires you to perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall SmiServer
    1. Stop the SmiServer service.
    2. Copy the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartsite Software\SmiServer\SmiServer.exe.config to a temporary location.
    3. Uninstall SmiServer from the Control Panel
    4. Remove the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartsite Software\SmiServer and all its contents.
  2. Install the new SmiServer
    1. Run the setup, this will install SmiServer.
    2. Stop the SmiServer service.
    3. Copy SmiServer.exe.config from the temporary location back to its original location.
    4. Run the sql script C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartsite Software\SmiServer\Database\SqlServer\Upgrade.sql on all your existing Smi databases, if this upgrade exists.
    5. Start the SmiServer service.
  3. Uninstall existing Smi content items
    1. Delete the item with the code SMI_ROOT and all its children.
    2. Open Data Management and purge all the items you just deleted
  4. Install Smi content items and binaries
    1. Run the PUB server setup. This will upgrade the existing binary files and add the new Smi content items.