Gets a limit for the number of rows that the output may contain.


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integer this.maxrows()


This Viper method does not expose any parameters.

Return Value

Data Type Description
Integer The maximum number of output rows.

Used in

Macro Description
Calendar Smartsite Web Toolkit Calendar module.
CmsItemData Library methods for retrieving the current Cms item's properties.
Dir Returns the directory listing of a specified path.
FeedReader FeedReader macro. Reads RSS from the given location and converts it into a hierarchical SXML DataTable for formatting.
Filter Filters and sorts records from the InputData reader.
FilterByHierarchy Filters content by using the Cms hierarchy.
Format Formats the given datatable.
ImageProperties Displays the image properties of one or more images.
ItemComments View and modify item comments.
ItemData Library methods for retrieving the current Cms item's properties.
Join Joins two DataTables into one.
Lorem Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Metadata Provides metadata that can be included in an HTML page and forwarded to external components such as the PDF generator and Image Processor.
Parents Shows links to parent pages.
PlaceHolder Represents a datatable that can be accessed from other elements while in scope, then formatted and rendered when going out of scope.
Poll Smartsite Web Toolkit Polling Module
RSS Creates an RSS feed based on the items under the given parent.
Siblings Siblings module allows navigating through a data set by displaying links to first, previous, next and last records.
SmartletEditor Edits a Smartlet.
SmiData Macro that can be used to retrieve report data from SMI. This macro returns a DataTable with the requested information.
Sort Sorts the output of the given data.
SqlQuery Executes sql queries/statements and shows the results.
Statistics The Statistics class can be used to retrieve page request information for the given items and displays it.
Tags Renders server/user Tags.
ViewHierarchy Displays a hierarchy based on a data table.
Webservice Macro to execute a webservice request and embed the result in a page.
Note that this macro will by default return an XmlReader object as result.
XLinks Shows links to other pages in the site.
XmlDataTable Module that creates a DataTable from an xml document

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