Gets the location to the given pagng position.

This viper method also supports the extension viper syntax.


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locator this.location(enum position)
locator this.location(enum position, string pagingQueryVar)
locator this.location(integer pageNumber)
locator this.location(integer pageNumber, string pagingQueryVar)

Extension Viper Syntax

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locator page.<id>.location(enum position)
locator page.<id>.location(enum position, string pagingQueryVar)
locator page.<id>.location(integer pageNumber)
locator page.<id>.location(integer pageNumber, string pagingQueryVar)


Name Data Type Description
position Enum The position.
Enum values:
  • First
    First page.
  • Previous
    Previous page.
  • Next
    Next page.
  • Last
    Last page.
pagingQueryVar String The paging querystring variable to use.
pageNumber Integer The page number.

Return Value

Data Type Description
Locator Hyperlink

Used in

Macro Description
Paging Paging macro. Holds state for paging through large datasets.
Can be used in combination with existing datatables to page through large datasets.
Use in combination with macros/vipers that return datatables.

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