Add/configure Smartlet Addin

Release 1.1 - ...

To make it easier to add a smartlet to a page, Smartsite iXperion 1.1 includes a CMS Addin that allows a user to add the necessary viper call to a field in the editor.

The addin is shown as a button in the toolbar: Add Smartlet button

When the button is pressed, the user is shown the Smartlet Library, a list of available smartlets to choose from.

Smartlet library

After selecting a smartlet, the dialog shows an editor screen for the smartlet. If the cursor was placed inside a smartlet viper call, the library is skipped, and the user will see the editor for that smartlet immediately.

Configure smartlet

The Named attributes tab contains a number of settings that are shared by all smartlets. These settings control the box that the smartlet is rendered in.


The addin is added to the registry by the update script for 1.1:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smartsite Software\Smartsite\Sites\{sitename}\CMS\Addins\ConfigureSmartlet]

The addin will not show a button if there are no smartlets available in the site.