Duotone Command

Smartsite 7.8 - ...

The Duotone command applies a duotone effect to the image, using the two specified colors.
It will create a gradient using the two specified colors, and selects a color from this gradient to replace the original pixels based on the brightness of each pixel.

Available as of Smartsite 7.8.
(The Duotone command in earlier versions, using only the tint parameter to specify a single color, is no longer supported as of Smartsite 7.8)


Shorthand Values
colorone The color name or HEX value, e.g. khaki or F0E68C.
colortwo The color name or HEX value, e.g. blue or 0000FF.

Command definition

XML CopyCode image Copy Code
  <add id="duotone" type="Smartsite.ImageProcessor.Commands.Effects.DuotoneCommand, Smartsite.ImageProcessor" enabled="true">
      <add name="color1" shortcut="colorone" />
      <add name="color2" shortcut="colortwo" />


Original image
Original image

Example: duotone effect
Inverted (?hid=img;colorone=khaki;colortwo=blue;)