Smartsite Configuration files

Release 1.0 - ...

The Smartsite configuration resides in several config files, besides of course the standard web.config when Smartsite is hosted from within IIS.

These files include:

  • Smartsite.config - general smartsite configuration, such as the publication channels, modules and (WCF) services.
  • Smartsite.Data.config - database-specific configuration settings, such as the connection string(s), storagehandlers and versioning.
  • Smartsite.ImageProcessor.config - settings specific to the Image Server, e.g. available commands and plugins.
  • Smartsite.Pdf.config - configuration file for the Pdf converter module.
  • Smartsite.Security.config - security configuration, such as mappings between Smartsite and Windows accounts.
  • Smartsite.Logging.config - logging and tracing configuration.
  • Smartsite.Licensing.config - contains the licensing configuration.
  • Smartsite.ManagementInformation.config - contains the Smartsite Management Information (SMI) configuration.
  • Smartsite.AssetFolders.config - contains the Asset Folders configuration.