Database Server

Release 1.0 - ...

Information stored with the Smartsite iXperion CMS is stored in a database. Therefore a database server should be arranged and configured. Smartsite iXperion retrieves information from the Database through the CMS Server, for editorial purposes, and through the Publication Server, for publication. From the CMS point of view one and only one connectionstring can be availlable which should have read and write access to the database. From the publication's point of view, multiple connectionstrings can be defined to secure the information presented to the visitors by separating the connectionstring's properties for read and write access.

Depending on the developing stage of an Smartsite iXperion site, different database access should be granted. It is an essential part of the initial phase of the process to establish contact between database administrators and site builders to match the security possibillities granted by the database administrator with the needs of the site builder. Even if the initial database is hosted outside the final database server architecture.