Content retainability

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Content Retainability

Content retainability is a feature that has been introduced within the Smartsite manager as of release 7.5 (build 2).

It gives the editor the opportunity to set a date on which the content of a specific item is due to be reviewed. 

The notification period determines how many days prior to the set date a content retainability notification should be send.
The notification will only be send to users which have subscribed to this type of notification (applying content filters when applicable).

The read-only Notification sent checkbox is just there to indicate whether or not a notification has been send.

The button at the top will restore the contenttype defaults (if any) for the content retainability date and period. It also resets Notification sent to false.


As mentioned above, to receive content retainability notifications, an user must first subscribe to this type of notifications.

When subscribing to content retainability notifications, the user can specify a content filter by means of selecting one or more content items. When the content retainability for a specific item is due to expire (taken into account the notification period), this user will only receive a notification when the item is a child (at any level) of one of the selected content items.

When no content filter has been specified, the user will receive content retainability notifications for every item within the site.

Notification center

The latest (unread) notifications can be viewed from the Notification center.

The notification center shows the top 10 (newest first) of each notification type (System notification, System error, Content retainability and Content change), grouped by this notification type as well. That is, as long as the user is subscribed to that type of notifications of course.

Each notification is accompanied by two buttons. The left button opens a new tab showing the details for this notification. The right button marks the notification as read, which means it will disappear from the list and another notification might appear within the list since the top 10 of unread notifications for that specific type is re-evaluated.

The notification center is opened by clicking the bell icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

The number next to it indicates the number of unread notifications.

Content retainability notifcation creation

There's a background process, which monitors if and when content retainability notifications should be created. It takes the items into account for which a content retainability date has been set and checks whether or not the specified notification period has expired or not and the item's Notification sent is not set to true yet.

When it has expired, the background process will check whether or not there are users which should receive a notification for that particular content item, taken the notification type subscriptions into account as well as content filters, if any.

When there are applicable subscriptions for the notification, the notification will be actually created. Otherwise, creating a notification is skipped, since there are no subscriptions.

Either way, the Notification sent field for the item will be set to true, since the content retainability expiration has been evaluated and processed. This also means that for a particular item, creating a content retainability notification is done once. Users which will subscribe to this type of notifications (taken content filtering, if any, into account as well) after the moment the notification has been created for a particular item, will not receive a content retainability notification for that item.

The background process runs every 10 minutes.