Fine-grained dashboard app security

Smartsite 7.9 - ...

To enable reuse of user roles individual actions can now require certain content access levels from the user. This makes it possible to create Add News type actions for all sub sites and only show the actions for which the user actually has the required add access. The action parameters would look like this:

XML CopyCode image Copy Code
      <parameter name="parent">111150</parameter>
      <parameter name="contenttype">NWS</parameter>
      <parameter name="path">CF:{year}|PWP:{month_nl}</parameter>
      <parameter name="requireadd">111150</parameter>

You can set requirements for add, edit and list access with the requireadd, requireedit and requirelist parameters. Each contains a comma-separated list of item numbers or codes. Only if the user has access to all the required items will the action be shown on the dashboard. However, item numbers or codes that do not exist are ignored.