Changes in the add/configure Smartlet Addin

Release 1.2 - ...

The add/configure Smartlet addin has undergone some fundamental changes since its first release. Changes include:

  • Better validation
    The Smartlet call is executed on the server to check for errors when previewing and saving.
  • Better support for named arguments
    Box properties are now listed on a separate tab, as configured in the SmartletNamedArgs() translation.
  • Better type handling
    Handling for DateTime and Viper expressions is improved. Although this means that viper-valued parameters can no longer be edited in the dialog, values are preserved.
  • Better input/type matching
    Default inputs for each type are defined in the global SmartletEditorDefaultTypes() translation, while only overrides need to be defined in each separate editor. The Smartlets shipped in the Web Toolkit now include custom inputs for specific fields.