Forcing Local Translation Scope

Release 1.02 - ...

The translation.localscope and translation.globalscope Viper namespaces allow you to access specific translation versions instead of using the automatically resolved scope.


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The translation.localscope namespace is especially handy within translations. It allows you to specifically point to a translation that is in scope locally at the location of the translation, instead of using the scope of the rendered page. This is why the technique is being used in Smartlets. Smartlets consist of a folder structure containing at least one Smartlet (SML) item and some helper translations called from the Smartlet. For Smartlets to be easily deployable and duplicable, references to translations outside the folder structure are avoided.

Note that as of iXperion 1.2, translations called with the translation.localscope prefix will no longer resolve to a non-overridable translation with the same name residing outside the current scope, as opposed to calling the same translation without the prefix.