Changes in Manage Content Access action in 1.2

Release 1.2 - ...

The manager action Manage Content Acces has been overhauled for the 1.2 release. It can now completely replace the old Set Browse Access and Set Manager Access actions, because legacy browse access and the Restricted field in the Contents table are now handled by the dialog directly, in stead of depending on database triggers.

Access assignment for the Guests group is handled separately. It's assumed that all users and visitors are a member of this group, so any rights granted to this group will be available to aynone. When updating rights, any existing redundancy (other groups having the same or less rights than the Guests group) is removed.

User interface changes

To make the distinction between Browse access, CMS access and custom access types clearer each of these now has its own tab in the interface.

The new interface

The Apply and Current Access buttons now work for the current selection, so multiple changes can be made without restarting the action each time with a different selection.

Redundant access permissions are no longer allowed by the interface. If the Guests group receives an access level at or above the level of one of the other groups, the assignment for these other groups is set to "Implied by Guest access".

The confirmation dialog before applying changes and the summary of the change have also been improved to give more detailed information.