Edit Item customization

Smartsite 7.8 - ...

As of Smartsite 7.8, Edit Item can be customized when needed. Since in it's core, Edit Item is "just" another DataEditor implementation, the way the customization is made possible uses the same DataEditorLogic as it is used within custom DataEditor implementations.


To implement your own customization, create a class and inherit from Smartsite.Manager.DataEditorLogic.

This abstract class defines the methods which can be used to override/customize the implementation of (custom) DataEditor actions, including methods which are only applicable for the accompanying library interaction/customization.

When implementing custom DataEditorLogic specific to be used within Edit Item, (only) the following methods are applicable:

  • OnAfterLoad
  • OnBeforeSave
  • OnAfterSave
  • OnAfterPaste
  • OnActionClosed


To configure one or more custom classes to be used as Edit Item customization, add the CTFP cms:customdataeditorlogic to the Nr field of the contenttype for which you need to implement customization.

The CTFP's value should contain one or more (use the pipe character "|" as separator) fully qualified names, e.g. "Smartsite.Manager.Customizations.CustomLogicStrictWebPage, Smartsite.Manager.Customizations" ({class name prefixed with namespace}, {assembly name}).