Workflow states

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This article describes the available workflow states for each of the (by default) available workflow definitions.

Basic Workflow

Workflow state Description
Wf_Basic_BusyEditing ("Busy") The item is being edited.
Wf_Basic_Publish ("Activate") The item must be published.

The Basic Workflow lets the editor only choose between the states Busy and Activate.

Complete Workflow

Workflow state Description
Wf_Complete_BusyEditing ("Busy") The item is being edited.
Wf_Complete_Approve ("Ready for approval") The item is ready to be approved.
Wf_Complete_BusyApproving ("Busy approving") The item is being approved.
Wf_Complete_Disapprove ("Disapprove") The item is disapproved.
Wf_Complete_Publish ("Activate") The item must be published.

The Complete Workflow includes additional states to facilitate approval scenarios.

Automatic Workflow

Workflow state Description
Wf_Automatic_Publish The item must be published.

The Automatic Workflow only exposes the Activate workflow state.

After the "Publish" workflow state, the workflow transitions to the "Active" and "Unassigned" states will always be performed.