Smartsite 7 - ...

The list input control allows users to manipulate a list of entries. Entries can be added, removed or updated.

The control supports the following properties

Name Description
ctrl:sortable Allows manipulation of the order of the entries in the list by dragging/dropping them
ctrl:delimiter Sets the delimiter of the list entries in the form output



As of Smartsite 7.8, you can set the cms:showbuttons ctfp to specify which buttons should be displayed. The value of this ctfp should list the buttons to show, comma-separated, e.g. "contenttree, contentlibrary".

The available buttons are:

  • contenttree
  • contentlibrary
  • fileexplorer

When this ctfp has not been set, which buttons will be shown depends on the control type and (other) ctfp's.