A note on jQuery releases

Since Smartsite iXperion 1.1, with Smartlets, Scf and the Web Toolkit, we include a version of jQuery with new releases.

We are careful though in bundling the latest available jQuery version. At the time of this writing, jQuery 1.4 (and 1.4.1 only a few days later) has just come out. Obviously, this release looks very appealing, but it also has a few breaking changes.

What we have done in 1.2 is make it easier to update the jQuery version you wish to use in your site, by removing the need for renaming the original jQuery files (for example jquery-1.4.1.min.js, jquery-1.4.1.js) to jQuery.js and jQuery.debug.js in order to use them.

Also, we have made the call to jQuery.noConflict() optional, so if you're sure no other library is using the '$' variable, you are free to set the Scf macro's jQueryNoConflict property to "false"

Furthermore, we have made it possible to place libraries in between jQuery and jQuery.scf. Until 1.2, these two libs had the same priority. Now, the jQuery library is added with a priority 100, whereas jQuery.Scf has a priority of 50. Enough room to place something in between.

Why is this important? For instance, if you want to use the Backwards compatibility plugin for jQuery 1.3 (to be used with jQuery 1.4), you must place this file immediately after jQuery itself.

We continuously test our product with the latest jQuery releases, but it will take a while before we'll eagerly ship 1.4 with iXperion without having trouble sleeping. At this point in time, we see a few showstoppers in Ajax and event handling. This is why we have decided to drop our initial intent to bundle iXperion 1.2 and jQuery 1.4.

We hope this will help you early adopters to understand our conservatism.