Channel Login page (LoginUrl)

Release 1.3 - ...

As you know, Smartsite iXperion authentication is implemented using the ASP.NET Membership Provider system. Having said this, if you're using Forms authentication, there's a corresponding node in the web.config pointing to the login page used in your web application.

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<authentication mode="Forms">
  <forms loginUrl="/Login" name="Smartsite" timeout="5000000" slidingExpiration="true" />

The loginUrl setting in the web.config must point to a valid relative url in your site.

ASP.NET can have multiple applications in a web site, and each application can have its own web.config, but Smartsite uses the one in the web root.

Introduced in 1.3, each channel can now have its own login page, specified as an Item Code in the channel setting LoginUrl.

By specifying this code, Smartsite will intercept automatic ASP.NET redirections to the LoginUrl and go to the channel-specific page.